Eucalyptus Oil uses and benefits

EUCALYPTUS Uses and benefits

What are the key benefits for the eucalyptus essential oil?

The Eucalyptus Essential oil is a purifying, cleansing, clarifying and immune-boosting oil, which is also used for skin conditions, in aromatherapy. It can likewise be a healthy and natural alternative to make homemade surface cleaning agents or fabric fresheners.

  • Eucalyptus Essential oil supports the respiratory system that can soothe physical distresses. The healing benefits of Eucalyptus oil can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant and antiseptic qualities.
  • You will find the Eucalyptus Essential oil added to balms, creams, ointments, inhalers and massage blends as well as in dental hygiene products thanks to its soothing, stimulating, and anti-bacterial properties.
  • It is traditionally been used to relieve the discomforts associated with fatigue, headaches, colds, sinusitis, mucous congestion, muscle aches and pains, and asthma.
  • The uses for Eucalyptus Essential oil are abundant, ranging from medicinal and odorous to cosmetic. Its many forms include oils, gels, lotions, soaps, shampoos and sprays for homemade products.
How to use Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Eucalyptus Essential oil facilitates easy breathing and enhances feelings of relaxation. It creates a refreshing touch when used in massages, soothes nervous tension and helps clear the mind. The oil is known for its ability to reduce or eliminate affected surface, airborne bacteria and infections upon contact. When diffused in the bedroom throughout the night, it can assist with sinus congestion and clear nasal passages while eliminating harmful airborne bacteria that contribute to the feeling of being unwell.

In addition, used as an air cleanser, Eucalyptus oil is great for eliminating mould that usually contribute to respiratory issues. In aromatherapy, the cooling scent of the Eucalyptus Essential oil is known to relieve mental exhaustion by boosting circulation to the brain, stimulating the mind and consequently rejuvenating the soul.

Muscle and Joints Epsom Salt Soak Eucalyptus

How to use it?

Added into warm baths, the Eucalyptus Essential oil has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that help to rejuvenate stiff and sore muscles.
Mix a few drops in a steaming bowl of hot water and lean over it to inhale the aromatic vapours with a towel draped over the head and bowl for a few minutes. Caution: keep your eyes be closed to prevent irritation.

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Eucalyptus for aromatherapy, skin condition, acne, breath


When used cosmetically the Eucalyptus oil contains anti-inflammatory properties believed to reduce the symptoms of acne and eczema.
As an antiseptic spot treatment for a skin issue such as acne, blend 1 drop of eucalyptus oil with 3 drops of water and apply to the area with a cotton swab.
For hair, the anti-fungal components contained in eucalyptus oil will moisturize an itchy scalp and remove dandruff flakes. It is even known to have the ability to eliminate lice.
Mix two to four drops of eucalyptus oil with one to two tablespoons of coconut oil, apply to scalp, wait 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly.
A few drops placed in the hand while showering can be inhaled to promote a sense of vitality.

This oil mixes particularly well with lavender, peppermint and tea tree.

Home and office uses

As a disinfecting air spray, Eucalyptus Essential oil acts as a natural, anti-microbial, non-toxic air freshener that removes bacteria, viruses, and mould from the environment.
Diluted with water, this spray can freshen up the room and eliminate the body odours trapped in shoes and sports gear.

Cautions / recommendations

  • External use only.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women must avoid using the essential oil without consulting your GP. 
  • When applied topically, Eucalyptus oil should ideally be used in dilution, as using the oil directly or in high concentrations can potentially cause skin irritation. 
  • Avoid eyes contours, inner ears and any other particularly sensible.
  • While you may find that using essential oils, like eucalyptus, helps you relax, it’s important to keep in mind that Essential oil can also have safety risks for your dog or cat. Eucalyptol is a gastrointestinal irritant, if your dog consumes either the plant or products containing eucalyptus oil, contact your veterinarian immediately.
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